ASSALAMMU'ALAIKUM. There are numbers attach to the system of Islam since it was came to this universe. 5 times prayer, 17 rakaah, 5 pillars Of Islam, 33 times dhikr, etc. Those are numbers. This blog will show you how the numbers around Islam were not composed coincidently. WASSALAMMU'ALAIKUM

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Al-Fatihah and 17

Muslims pray 5 times a day.
Fajr = 2 rakaah
Dhuhr = 4 rakaah
Ashr = 4 rakaah
Maghrib = 3 rakaah
Isha = 4 Rakaah.
Total = 17 rakaah / day.

Every rakaah, Muslims must recite Al-Fatihah. So in 5 time prayer, Muslims recite 17 times Al-Fatihah.

As-Sab'ul Mathani is one of the name of Surah Al-Fatihah. Meaning, the Seven Often Repeated (verses). So Surah Al-Fatihah is surah no 1 in Al-Qur'an it's contains 7 verses. so .. 1 and 7 ----It makes number 17. MATCH!!. 17 and 17.


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but u didnt count the Sunnah salats

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